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Digital Signage VISTRO

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■ The difference between Multi View and Multi Vision

• Multi View

Each LCD Media Box have a built-in RT-5 media player without a separate server PC.

One Media Box is master, the remainder is slave configuration. Same videos or specified images to play as multi-system.

Specification : Excellent durability and easy to install. Video management through the network.(support program)

• Multi Vision

Device is to split the images from the server PC to play.

Specification : Convenient multi-configuration without additional video editing. extra management program can be controlled image

■ Multi View System configuration and functions

• Media player can be used Built-in model and independently model

• Each device (RT-5) Insert the separated image on each monitor

• Master set in the UI and the rest will be automatically be set to slave

• To play the video. All settings, please refer to the manual of the RT-5

Sign Tech Multi View Display

■ How to install

01.Frame is installed on the wall.

02.Frame to fix the mounter.

03.LCD monitor fixed on a mounter, and electrical and LAN installed

■ LCD Panel and Narrow Vesel size

• Super Narrow Vesel (Vesel distance)(700cdr)

40 “/ 25mm, 42″ / 25mm, 46 “/ 25mm Other

• Super Narrow Vesel (Vesel distance)(500cdr,700cdr)

46인치/7.3mm , 55인치/5.3mm

■ Multi View Form

• Various configurations of the Lay-out

Sign Tech Multi View Display  1


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