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  • Shinjin Precision

    Shinjin Precision

    About Supplier

    We, SINJIN PRECISION Co.,Ltd. are the high tech & quality hydraulic component specialized manufacturer in the field of industrial vehicle, construction equipment, agricultural machinary, ship building industry since its foundation in 1993. On the basis of customer satisfaction management, continuous Research & Development and quality improvement, we've been expanding market share not only in domestic but in North America, Europe, Asia remarkably. 

    As Power Steering Units have quality and cost competitiveness, we supply to the gloval leading company of the Agricultural and heavy industries. Also, other hydraulic major components meet the customer's needs in the world. Cooperating with customers, we are progressing to be a global company with the accumulated technology, know-how, more effort and passion against rapidly changing technology and tough challenges by the competitors. To save the energy and save the earth, going green and eco-friendliness is a must. We have started developing high efficiency products and reducing the energy by our Research & Development. Before long, everybody will agree with this, "No one will be able to meet the customer's requirements if SINJIN cannot."

    82, Hanamsandan 10beon-ro, Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju, Korea

    Product List

    Power Steering Unit

    Power Steering Unit
    Standard Type
    Standard PST with Integral Valves
    Integral Power Steering Unit
    Mini Type
    Rear Port Type

    Torque Generators, Motors

    Toque Generator (Torque Amplifier)
    Hydraulic Motor

    Gear Pump

    SIP, SEP, SMP20

    Brake Valves

    Orbitrol Steering Valve (Brake Valve)
    Power Master Brake Valve

    Priority Valve

    Priority Valve

    Transmission Valves, MCV, Amplifier

    Transmission Control Valve
    Main Control Valve
    Flow Amplifier


    Flow Regulator Valve
    Flow Control Valve
    Cushion Valve
    Solenoid Valve
    세이프티 밸브
    Bypass Valve
    Dual Flow Divider Valve
    Safety Valve / Flow Divider