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    About Supplier

    Samwha Electronics has been established since 1976 and we have been one of the leading manufacture in Soft Ferrite Core Market and maintaining a good reputation worldwide.Samwha is promoting for a transition and vault in the rapid Digital of 21st Electronic Market and global competition.

    In order to recreate valuable enterprise for human and environment, we are reforming business structure and innovating productivity. Samwha is taking a step forward to be accomplished establishment of Portfolio,through rapid stabilization of Qingdao factory, investment for a high profitable item/business and chip etc.

    settlement for TPM, construction for environmental management and advances of enterprise culture simultaneously.

    Samwha is expediting R&D and technical renovation, but also seeking for a new high profitable business.

    Thank you for encouragement and incitement to Samwha Electronics in the meantime. We will fulfill to become enterprise listening to customer and shareholder, contribute for a society and cherish our employees.


    215, Gyeonggidong-ro, Namsa-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do

    Product List

    Ferrite Core

    E Core
    PQ/RM Core
    Low Profile Core
    Planer Core
    SQ, SQE, UU Core
    Toroid Core
    Rod, Bar, Screw Core
    Drum/SMD Core
    EMC Core
    LF Antenna Core
    Ferrite Sheet For Wireless Charging
    Ferrite Absorber
    EP Core
    Toroid Core
    E Core
    Block Core
    U Core