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    PAXXO is a family owned company that was founded in Sweden 1980.

    Our business mission is to develop and produce a sustainable bagging system – Longopac. The Paxxo Longopac system enables smarter waste handling and innovative packaging applications creating smarter and better work environments for professionals. This innovative bagging system, which now has a global market, is based on an extremely thin and strong 3 layer polyethylene material. Headquarters for sales, production and R&D is located in Malmö, Sweden. A sales office with warehouse is located in Atlanta, USA. PAXXO is certificated in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14 001.

    +46-40-18 60 25
    Bjurögatan 35 211 24 Malmö

    Product List


    Longopac Mini
    Longopac Midi
    Longopac Maxi