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Kyungdong Electric Auto Transfer Switches


① Reliable transfer by excellent "latching" action

② Maximum electric conduction with the minimum operation current

③ Outstanding opening and closing performance

④ Small size and light weight

⑤ Suitable for the emergency power supply Facilities

⑥ Capable of handing both AC and DC


Rated voltage(V)AC 660V and DC 125V
Rated current(A)100A200A400A
ConnectionFront or Back
Number of poles(P)3P4P3P4P3P4P
Opening  time60 ms
Change-over time80 ms
Operation correntAC 100 / 110V (RMS)12A12A12A12A16A16A
AC 200 / 220V (RMS)6A6A6A6A8A8A
DC 110V12A12A12A12A16A16A
Rated short-tiom current (1 sec)5 KA10 KA12 KA
Short circuit peak value12.5 KA25 KA30 KA
Weight (㎏)Fornt type131413151821
Back type131413151821
PerformanceMechanical  life span10,000 Times
Electrical life span3,000 Times
Switching  frequency150 Times / Hour

Operating Circult Diagram(AC)

Kyungdong Electric Auto Transfer Switches  1

Operating Circult Diagram(DC)

Kyungdong Electric Auto Transfer Switches  2

A PowerNormal power sourceB PowerEmergency power source
C1Normal side closing coilC2Emer. side closing coil
S1, S2Silicon rectiifierXa, XbControl Contact
a1~a4A Power Aux Switchb1~b4B Power Aux Switch

<tab title="ATS (600~3.200A)">

Kyungdong Electric Auto Transfer Switches  3


1. Mold type, compact design

This product broke away from the traditional assembly method and reduced the appearance dramatically by designing each phase into a stand-alone mold.

2. Intermediate shutdown

The design allows a neutral position (OFF) using a trip device and switches after stable load and safety are secured.

A=>off=>B , B=>off=>A , A=>off=>A , B=>off=>B A=>B, B=>A switching is also possible by using the operating instruction.

3. Detachable arc extinguishing chamber

This innovative design enables it to check any wearing or damage of the contact point even during operation. The extinguishing capability is increased through an independent detachable arc extinguishing chamber.


Rated voltage(V)AC 660V, OR DC 125V
Rated current(A)600800100012001600200025003200
Number of poles (P)3434343434343434
Operating currentDC 110V14161620162016202024243030363644
AC 100/110V(RMS)14161620162016202024243030363644
AC 200/220V(RMS)788108108101012121515181822
Trip coil currentAC/DC 110V = 1A, AC 220V = 0.5A
PerformanceRated short-time current(1 sec)15 KA15KA22KA22KA25KA35KA35KA55KA
Short circuit peak value35KA37.5KA50KA50KA55KA60KA75KA85KA
Switching  capacityAC3 (10 le Making, 8 le Breaking cosθ=0.35)AC2 (4 le Making, 4 le Breaking cosθ=0.65)
Operating Time“A”PowerMaking120 mS120 mS
Breaking25 mS40 mS
“B”PowerMaking100 mS120 mS
Breaking30 mS65 mS
LifeMechanical10,000 Times10,000 Times
Electrical5,000 Times5,000 Times
Switching  frequency30 Times / Hour30 Times / Hour


CEO  Charlie ParkCorporate #  535-86-00664
Ace Dongbaek Tower 1-1101, 16-4, Dongbaekjungang-ro 16beon-gil, Giheung-gu, Yongin City, Gyeonggido, South Korea    (Post Code 17015)

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