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Product Name Common Nail
Model N Series
Series Low carbon steel wire
Product Description


Common Nail is

Common Nail is manufactured by (should add “by” ) using a nail making machine with Low Carbon Steel Wire and used from everyday life (such as furniture, interior and various packaging boxes) to construction site (such as house, building and road building).
KOSTEEL’s common nail is recognized for its outstanding strength and straightness.


Merits of Common Nail

1. Outstanding strength and straightness

2. Product lines of various sizes

3. Differentiated packaging unit


Manufacturer : Pohang plant 2

Capacity : 12,720 tons/yr

Certification status :
- Koran (Korea )Industrial Standard (KS) : KSD3553




CognomenOverall length(L)Body diameter(d)Head diameter(D)Sharp tip length(Minimum)
N 1919±1.01.50±0.053.6±0.52.55
N 2222±1.21.50±0.053.6±0.52.55
N 2525±1.31.70±0.054.0±0.52.85
N 3232±1.51.90±0.054.5±0.53.20
N 3838±1.52.15±0.065.1±0.63.63
N 4545±2.02.45±0.065.8±0.64.13
N 5050±2.02.75±0.066.6±0.64.68
N 6060±2.02.87±0.066.7±0.64.79
N 6565±2.53.05±0.087.3±0.85.18
N 7575±3.03.40±0.087.9±0.85.65
N 8080±3.03.75±0.087.9±0.85.83
N 9090±3.53.75±0.088.8±0.86.28
N 100100±3.54.20±0.109.8±1.07.00
N 115115±4.04.20±0.109.8±1.07.00
N 125125±4.04.20±0.1010.3±1.07.45



KOSTEEL Common Nail N Series

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