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Product Name Vacuum Dryer for LiB
Series Vacuum Dryer
Product Description


The Korea Vacuum Tech, Co. Ltd. Vacuum Dryer System offers uniform thermal control over large volumes at high temperatures. This system utilizes a specially designed array of heating elements with closed loop control to provide absolute temperature uniformity. Heat conduction, coupled between the heating elements and the material to be processed, is employed under vacuum conditions to provide ultimate drying capability within a minimal amount of time. In this two step process, the material to be dried is first heated under atmospheric conditions utilizing a circulating fan. When the material reaches a pre-set temperature, the vacuum system is employed to assist drying and cleaning operations. The Korea Vacuum Tech, Co. Ltd. Vacuum Dryer System provides total temperature and vacuum control for drying advanced electronic products, metals, plastics, etc. It is ideally suited for removing contaminants such as oil, dust and water vapor.



≻ High drying rate

≻ Easy maintenance reduces down time

≻ Available for various sample sizes

≻ Low system and operating costs.

≻ Pumping, transfer and processing are controlled completely automatically through recipe by operation from the touch display panel



≻ Drying process for the manufacturing the flat panel display such as LCD, PDP

≻ The removal of moisture, particles, and dust after coating material in FPD manufacture using Heating & Pumping

≻ The cleaning of sample by heating

≻ Safekeeping of sample & holder by proper heating in dry chamber after depositing MgO




 Process Chamber  Size : 1000mm(W) X 1000mm(D) X 2000mm(H) – Variable
 Pumping System

 Rotary Pump & Booster Pump / Dry Pump

 Temp. Range  Room Temperature to 200°C (392ºF)
 Heating Elements  Sheathe Heater
 Temp. Control  PID Controller

 Fan Speed control

 Variable with DC geared motor
 Sample Transfer  Uses rollers in the process chamber, conveyor unit for sample loading & unloading
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