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Product Name
Model KVR-2000 Series
Series RTP
Product Description


Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) refer to a semiconductor manufacturing process which

instantly heats silicon wafer to high temperatures (up to 1100℃ / 2012℉) under

different atmospheric conditions such as oxygen or nitrogen.

The Korea Vacuum Tech, Ltd. RTP System offers the highest Rapid Thermal Annealing

(RTA) performance for a wide range of application with a low cost of ownership.

Designed to meet the most stringent requirements of today’s semiconductor

technologies and beyond, the RTP Module provides complete temperature control

necessary for advanced semiconductor manufacturing applications.

The Korea Vacuum Tech, Ltd. RTP system utilizes and array of unique technical feature

which provide optimal uniformity, repeatability and precision previously unachievable in

semiconductor manufacturing.



≻ High-power Quartz Lamps

        Wafers are heated by an array of high-power quartz lamps.

≻ Rapid Heating

        The maximum heating rate of the wafer is 100℃/ sec (212℉/sec).

≻ Digital display shows both the actual wafer temperature as well as the desired pre-set temperature 

        PID constants can be easily set by the standard equipment auto-tuning function.

≻ Variable Pressure Range

        Pressure ranges from high vacuum to ambient atmospheres with oxygen or nitrogen can be utilized.

≻ Compatible with various gases (Ar, H2, O2, N2)



≻ Silicide to Si process

≻ Annealing after ion implantation: sheet resistance

≻ LED process such as GaN




Substrate size

2” wafer

Substrate holder

2.5” SiC

Heating elements

Quartz Lamp

Chamber Material

Water or air cooled Al or SUS304 chamber with quartz window

Pumping system:

Rotary pump

Gas control:

Mass Flow Meter or MFC

Korea Vacuum Tech  KVR-2000 Series

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