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An evaporator uses an electric resistance heater or high-energy beam to melt material

and to raise its vapor pressure to a useful range. This process takes place in a high

vacuum state to allow the vapor to reach the substrate without reacting with or

scattering against other gas-phase atoms in the chamber while reducing the

incorporation of impurities from the residual gas in the vacuum chamber. The KVE Series

evaporation systems are capable of fabricating multi-layer thin films by applying this

co-deposition process.

≻ Excellent Thickness Uniformity

       The KVE Series IBAD E-Beam Evaporator System provide excellent thickness uniformity of

       resultant films. if you deposit the thin film under same conditions, you will get a thin films of

       same characteristics.

≻ Assist the deposition by using ion beam

        The systems have the E-beam unit and Ion beam unit. Ion beam unit assists to deposit the

        thin film of high density.

≻ Always maintain high vacuum degree in process

        The systems have a process chamber and a loadlock chamber(option). Loadlock

         chamber(option) is used for sample loading. So process chamber is always maintained high

         vacuum state.

Process Chamber

Stainless steel

Vacuum Pumping Station

Cryo, TMP

Loadlock Chamber

Optional item

Substrate Unit

Rotation / Heating / Cooling

Sample Size

4inch ~

Process pressure

< 5.0E-4Torr

Vacuum Gauge Controller

ATM ~ 1.0E-10Torr

Power Supply Unit

6kW, 8kW, 10kW

Crucible Size

4cc, 7cc, 15cc, 25cc

Pocket Number

Single, 4,6

Film Thickness Uniformity

< ±5%

Ultimate Pressure

< 5.0E-7Torr

System Control

PC auto / PLC Semi-auto

Korea Vacuum Tech  iBAD Series


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