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Product Name
Model E-beam & Thermal Series
Series Evaporator
Product Description

Korea Vacuum Tech  E-beam & Thermal Series


 An evaporator uses an electric resistance heater or high-energy beam to melt material

and to raise its vapor pressure to a useful range. This process takes place in a high

vacuum state to allow the vapor to reach the substrate without reacting with or

scattering against other gas-phase atoms in the chamber while reducing the

incorporation of impurities from the residual gas in the vacuum chamber. The KVE Series

evaporation systems are capable of fabricating multi-layer thin films by applying this

co-deposition process.



≻ Excellent Thickness Uniformity

        The KVE Series E-Beam&Thermal Evaporator System provide excellent thickness uniformity

        of resultant films. And if you deposit the thin films to same condition, you will get the thin

        films of same feature.

≻ Combination system

       This system has E-beam source and thermal source. Therefore, you can deposit thin

       films of various properties.




Process Chamber

Stainless steel

Vacuum Pumping Station

Cryo, TMP

Loadlock Chamber

Optional item

Substrate Unit

Rotation / Heating

Sample Size

4inch ~

Process pressure

< 5.0E-4Torr

Vacuum Gauge Controller

ATM ~ 1.0E-10Torr

Power Supply Unit

6kW, 8kW, 10kW

Crucible Size

4cc, 7cc, 15cc, 25cc

Pocket Number

Single, 4,6

Thermal source

W boat, 10V, 300A

Film Thickness Uniformity

< ±5%

Ultimate Pressure

< 5.0E-7Torr

System Control

PC auto / PLC Semi-auto

Korea Vacuum Tech  E-beam & Thermal Series 1

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