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Product Name Cleaning system using a distiller
Model HS-30/50/100/200
Series Products
Product Description

There are increasing trends of restricting the production or use of T.C.E. or chlorinated solvents, which have been widely used so far, or enforcing stricter relevant regulations around the world because these products can be attributed to serious global environmental issues such as the destruction of the ozone layer, contamination of groundwater, and worse working conditions. To respond to such business environment changes in a timely manner, Hanshin Tech has developed and started production of alternative cleaning systems that use eco-friendly detergent that not only prevents environmental pollution but also is not subject to these new legal restrictions.

Security Device

» Level Alarm

: A level alarm is affixed to monitor whether the amount of detergent liquid is always maintained at an optimal level.

» Thermo controller

: As the vaporization point varies, depending on the kind of organic solvents, a thermo controller, which is designed to
  cut the power in an unstable state, is attached.

» Cooling water alarm

: A cooling water alarm is mounted to monitor whether the cooling condition in the process of liquefaction of vaporized
  detergent is maintained at a specified temperature, thus ensuring the desired safety.

» Thermometer

: A thermometer is attached to check the temperature of solvent in the tank.

» Water separator

: A large sized water separator is attached to completely remove the moisture contained in the solvent.

Model HS- 30 HS- 50 HS- 100 HS- 200
Dimension A 840 840 920 Depends on Main System
B 840 640 860
C 1350 1350 1350
D 500 300 570
E 390 390 500
Regeneration Ability 30ℓ/Hr 50ℓ/Hr 100ℓ/Hr 200ℓ/Hr
Cooling Water (In=15℃ Out=40℃) 400ℓ/Hr 700ℓ/Hr 1100ℓ/Hr 2200ℓ/Hr
Heater capacity (Freon/TCE) 3/4 Kw 4/6 Kw 9/12 Kw 18/24 Kw


Model HS - 30 HS - 50 HS - 100 HS - 200
Electric Power 3Φ220V A 3Φ220V A 3Φ220V A 3Φ220V A
Incidental Facilities Contamination Alarm, Level Alarm
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