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    About Supplier

    Hanshin Tech supplies customers with differentiated high quality products based on its accumulated technologies gained through its constant
    research and development efforts since its establishment.

    Based on our belief that advanced technologies are not only the best shortcut to enhancing national competitiveness and creating customer value,
    but the best way to ensure a high position for our company amidst keen global competition, all our executives and employee commit their utmost
    efforts for achieving our customers' satisfaction.

    The growth and development of a company depends not only on confronting continuous challenges based on creative thinking, conceptual shifts,
    and differentiated new technologies but also its market preemption, achieved through a pioneering spirit and awareness of market trends and size.

    With our high quality products, we are striving not only to expand our domestic market share but also to develop new markets around the world.
    We expect our customers' interest and support for our consistent efforts to become a global leading company based on our 21st century state-of-the-art technologies and talented human resources.

    66, Aenggogae-ro 449beon-gil, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Korea

    Product List


    Cleaning system using a distiller
    Ultrasonic generator and oscillator
    Ultrasonic cleaning system - table type
    Ultrasonic cleaning system - Up and down type
    Automatic ultrasonic cleaning system
    Ultrasonic cleaning system - Multi tank type
    Ultrasonic cleaning system for precision parts
    HDD Tray Cleaning Machine
    Ultrasonic cleaning system using hydrocarbon solvent
    Ultrasonic cleaning system for pre-painting process
    Ultrasonic cleaning system - Single tank type
    HS-W Series