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  • Chungang Machinery

    About Supplier

    Since 1954, we have been concentrated in development of Iron Casting steel Foundry, and Industrial Machineries that plays the mayor role in nations economy and industries growth. Especially, we are the only maker specialized in General Paper Making Machine and Equipments in Korea delivered a number of plant project to home and abroad for over 45 years as turn-key project mostly and prime cotract.

    In 1991, we were awarded a National Merit of Industy by Korean Government as a recognition of our fine business performance. It is our desire being continue developing Engineerings and Technicals of the paper Making Machines and Equipments to give the Global customer's satisfaction. We will demomstrate the most advanced engineering performances with never disappointment in coming 21 century to all potential customers in all aspect.

    110, Ogok-ro Chirwon-eup, Haman-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do

    Product List

    Paper Making Machine

    CA-L.N Press Section
    CA-Head Box
    CA-Dryer Section
    CA-Wire Section
    CA-Short Wire Section
    Driving System Section
    CA-Size Press & Gloss Calender Section
    CA-On Top Wire Section
    CA-Compact Wire Section
    CA-Calender Section
    CA-Ultra Former Section
    CA-Pope Reel Section
    Automatic Spool Loading
    CA-Easy Former Section
    CA-Re Winder Section
    CA-Press Section
    CA-NC Slitter Section
    Sensor Tension Controller

    Formaking Paper Machine

    PS Pulper
    High Density Cleaner
    Pre Finer
    Turbo Separator
    CA22 Type 3F Screen
    CA37 Type 3F Screen
    Double Disc Deflaker
    Screw Thickener
    PS and PH Screen
    FN Screen
    Double Disc Refiner
    Vertical Screen
    CA B-600/800/1000
    Reject Separator
    Vibrating Screen
    Super Clone