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    About Supplier

    YOOYOUN is a manufacturer of special valves for industrial use and a supplier to plant, construction, shipbuilding and shipbuilding equipment manufacturers.

    Our company established the corporation in Oct, 2000.
    We are producing the industrial valves and supplying to the plant, construction, ship buliding and semi-conductor equipment enterprise since then.

    We are producing various types of the products which are safety relief valve, pressure reducing valva, steam trap etc. and continually trying to produce new products development, performance improvement to satisfy the customer's needs.
    Since the business, our company could pass through the hardship because of the customer's affection and we are very thankful for them too.
    Our company will also promise to supply the best and the newest products to you.
    The determination of us is if you use our products once, you will buy them again certainly.
    and we cherish the relationship with the customer too.
    We'll serve the superb performance and trustworthy products which based on the work experience for 20 years. As the lasting and growing company, we always continually grateful for your continuous interests and affection and sincerely hope to give us the advise and encouragement.

    441, Hasinbeonyeong-ro, Sasang-gu, Busan, Korea

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