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    SEOAM machinery industry co.,ltd of a small giant company of core parts industry that realized quality first principle for customer satisfaction.

    The SEOAM has produced and exported globally core parts of first class quality for various gears, chucks & cylinders and curvic couplings for more than 35 years with endless effort and technology.

    The SEOAM has succeeded in localizing high precise gears of a core part for driving force of machinery industry, high precise and high quality chucks and cylinders, and curvic couplings which are used for index equipment based on accumulated technology. Through it, the SEOAM has developed machinery industry and has realized import substitution for above parts.

    In addition, the SEOAM has secured competitiveness in technology and quality.

    After 2,000, the SEOAM secured more stable and sustainable marketplaces through new marketplaces like environment marketplace, energy marketplace and marine one etc. by realizing diversification of export market and quality differentiation.

    We will do our best to become a company that grows with customers with a sedulous SEOAM's workmanship and the responsibility for the unseen parts. We will also do our best to become a leading company in quality and technology, and a globally approved company.

    In addition, the SEOAM promises to supply satisfactory products and services through the value of 'Tenacity, Sincerity and Honesty' and the realization of 'quality first principle for customer satisfaction.'

    The SEOAM really appreciate customers' trust, concern and support and hope to have love and comments from now on.

    127-15, Hanamsandan 8beon-ro, Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju, Korea

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