• Korea Vacuum Tech

    Korea Vacuum Tech


    Korea Vacuum Tech Co. LTD is a specialized company in the development of vacuum system for semiconductor device fabrication.

    KVT has researched many plasma related studies.

    The main products are vacuum deposition systems (PVD,CVD), etcher, cleaning systems for R & D and device mass production, thermal process and customized vacuum systems. 

    KVT has produced vacuum systems for faster and more convenient process, and especially fully automated systems has been developed for device mass production. We have enhanced export to US, Japan, and have got good reputation about quality.

    Also KVT has KA A9001/ISO 9001/EN ISO 9001 related design, development, production, and service.

    200, Goyang-ro 117beon-gil Wolgot-myeon, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea


    Intelsi-L Series
    Intelsi-M Series

    E-BEAM Series
    Thermal Series
    E-beam & Thermal Series
    iBAD Series
    OLED R&D Series
    E-beam & Sputter Series

    KVS-2000 Series
    KVS-4000 Series
    KVS-5000 Series

    KVR-2000 Series
    KVR-4000 Series
    KVR-6000 Series

    KVP-2000 Seires

    PECVD Series
    Thermal CVD Series

    ALD-CVD Series

    ICP-RIE Series
    RIE Series
    Ion Milling Series

    Vacuum Dryer for LiB

    Bench Top Sputter Series
    Bench Top RTP Series