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    KM Tech


    KM Tech provides automatic conveying system from industry plant system for overseas automobile plant such as automatic carrier system, power plant conveying system and incineration system and automatic conveying system to coating line system for mobile phones.

    We are providing total technology service from design to manufacture based on our technology obtained from training Japanese Tsubaki technology for more than 20 years and professional researchers and we are trying our best in technology research and development for customers’ satisfaction.

    Our employees will do our best for happiness of our customers by valuing the best technology and trust.

    31, Majung 5-ro, Seo-gu, Incheon, Korea


    FA 시스템

    Free Flow Conveyor
    Roller Conveyor
    Slat Conveyor
    Traverser System
    EMS (Electrified Monorail System)
    Trolley Conveyor System

    물류 시스템

    Logistics System
    Roll Handling System
    Belt Lifter
    Ball Sorting System
    Moving walkway
    Vanguard System
    EMS (Electrified Monorail System)
    Sorter System

    벌크 시스템

    NBK Bucket Elevator (Vertical)
    BA Bucket Elevator (Vertical)
    RR Rotary Feeder (Supplier)
    Inspection window
    2Way Gate
    NB Bucket Elevator (Vertical)
    NAB Aproveyor (Horizontal + Vertical)
    BFV Flightveyor (Horizontal + Vertical)
    AF Apron Feeder (Horizontal + Vertical)
    AP Apron Conveyor (Horizontal + Vertical)

    U.V 시스템

    U.V. (Ultra Violet) Coating System


    Standard Type Roller Chain
    Strong (H) Type Roller Chain
    Leaf Chain
    Linear Plate Type Roller Chain
    Trolley Chain
    Top Roller Conveyor Chain
    Side Roller Conveyor Chain
    Deep Link Chain
    Block Chain
    Case Conveyor Chain
    Flow Conveyor Chain
    Bucket Elevator Chain
    Bearing Internalized Chain
    Standard Type Conveyor Chain (Bushed type)
    Conveyor Chain Sprocket
    Roller Chain Sprocket


    Geared Motor
    Screw Jack
    Helical Worm Reducer
    Hollow Shaft Worm Reducer
    Worm Reducer


    Fluid Coupling
    Flexible Disk Coupling
    Jaw Coupling
    Chain Coupling
    Gear Coupling

    그 외

    V Belt
    V Pulley
    Rack Gear
    Torque Limiter
    Timing Belt
    Timing Pulley
    Cam Clutch (Back Stop)
    Power Lock