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    "Back then, we started like many dedicated founders before us: as a company working out of a garage. Albeit with the small difference that our garage was a converted cowshed," recalls Günther Zimmer. "That's where we first worked out and manufactured our first products in 1980."

    Günther and Martin Zimmer, owners of the Zimmer Group, continue to work things out. However, they no longer do so alone. They are supported by a large development team in state-of-the-art offices and factory workshops for business markets around the globe. Their south German knack for technology, insatiable curiosity and pioneering spirit have brought the brothers a long way. Today, they lead the Zimmer Group together and employ over 1200 people. With turnover higher than €165 million annually. And double digit growth for several years now.

    The recipe for success needs good ingredients. The product range is very diverse. Today more than ever, the Zimmer Group stands for innovative ability that is made in Germany.

    The destination.

    Products at the cutting edge of technology, around the world, at all times.
    The Know-How Factory reaches more than 125 countries through its sales network. The group guarantees comprehensive and transparent service for all components and solutions within each individual technology sector.

    THE KNOW-HOW FACTORY combines technologies from handling, damping, linear, processing, tooling and machine tooling technology. For every industry. From a single source. Worldwide – the Zimmer Group is a global player.

    서울특별시 금천구 벚꽃로 244(가산동, 벽산 디지털 밸리 5차 1301)

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