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    Since its foundation in 1956, Yuken has been specializing in and devoted to hydraulics, supplying hydraulic equipment and systems to various industries. Starting from the establishment of its overseas manufacturing base in Taiwan in 1969, the company built a group network for manufacturing and sales mainly in Asian including India and China, and has been trying hard to expand the Yuken brand globally.

    Today the business environment is changing at an accelerating pace due to the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the advancement of globalization.
    Our group companies are also aiming at creating added values to meet our customers’ needs, while improving themselves and continuing their efforts.
    In addition, by further strengthening our global production system to support our growth, we will increase “the comprehensive strength of our group” and improve our comprehensive quality assurance and brand strength.
    We would like to contribute to the development of industrial society by providing our group products used in various regions and communities.

    590, Gyeongin-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul

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