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    About Supplier

    ‘Robot technology’ of Yujin robot is the future of Korea.

    Established in March, 1988, Yujin Robot is a robot-specialized company that researches and develops intelligent type service robots supplyingconveniences to our lives with 25 years of knowhow and technology in robot business.

    There are service robot products including ‘Iclebo’, cleaning robot, ‘Irobi Q’, the world’s first network education robot for kids, ‘Robosam’, robot for foreignlanguage education, robot conducting dangerous work, silver-care robot, and so on.

    Yujin Robot will lead the future of Korea’s robot industry by improving the quality of the service robots and conducting the continuous development oftechnology and make the best efforts to grow as a reliable and respectful company.

    33, Harmony-ro 187beon-gil, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Korea

    Product List

    Service Robot

    iClebo OMEGA
    iClebo Arte
    iClebo PoP
    iRobi Q

    Electro Mechanical Systems

    Vacuum Pump (Diesel Engine용) 조립 및 검사 Line
    PCB Press Fit Device
    BCM ECU 조립 Line
    BCM ECU 수삽 Line
    Breather Assembly & Leakage Test Machine
    EPB (Electric Parking Brake) ECU Assembly & Test Line
    ABS Coil 높이 측정기
    Cluster 조립 및 검사 Line
    Cover Clinching Device
    ECU, TCU & PCU 조립 및 검사
    Power Module 검사 및 포장 Packing Line
    High-G Test System
    Tri-temp-test for Accelerometer (Airbag Sensor)
    PCB Press Fit Machine (Index Type)
    PCB Press Fit Machine (Standalone Type)
    Auto Riveting Machine
    Fuel Rail Assembly & Leak Test Machine
    Wheel Unit Assembly & Test Line
    SMK ECU Assembly and Test Line
    BCM ECU 코팅 Line
    Scara & Axis Robot
    Accelerator Pedal 조립 및 검사 Line
    MDPS (Motor Driven Power Steering) 조립 및 검사장비
    Solenoid Valve (Diesel Engine용) 조립 및 검사 Line
    Auto Dispensing / Auto Housing for ACU
    E-EGR Valve (Diesel Engine용 조립 및 검사 Line)
    DBC-7 조립 및 검사 Line
    Bostik Sealing System
    Swirl Device (Diesel Engine용) 조립 및 검사 Line
    Pointer 압입 및 검사 장비
    RF Module 조립, 검사 및 포장 Line
    Trim Line for Accelerometer (Airbag Sensor)
    MR-140 조립 및 검사 Line
    Throttle Valve의 ACV 조립 및 검사 Line
    Auto Screwing Machine