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    About Supplier

    110-11, LG-ro 360beon-gil, Wollong-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Slitter Knife

    Top Knife
    Gang Slitter Knife (Square Type)
    Rewinder Bottom Knife (Double Side Edge Type)
    Bottom Knife (Double Bevel Type)
    Slitter Knife (Double Edge)
    Bottom Knife
    Gang Slitter Knife (Square Type)
    T-C Bottom Slitter Knife (Female Type)
    Top Knife (Holder Setting Type)
    Top Knife (Dished Key Type)

    Circular Knife

    Circular Knife (Ring Knife Double Edge Type)
    Saw Knife (Double Edge Type)
    T-C Circular Knife (Ring Knife Single Edge Type)
    Mini Circular Knife (Single Edge Type)

    Score Knife

    Core Knife (Single or Double Edge)
    Multi Score Knife
    Core Knife
    Score Knife (Air Knife)
    Core Knife (Single or Double Edge)
    Core Knife



    Specialty Knife

    Sash Knife (Single or Double Edge)
    Cutter (Double Edge)
    Straight Knife (Single Perforation Edge)
    Zig Zag Knife
    Vertical Knife
    Brush Knife (Double Edge)
    윤전기 knife (Single Edge)
    Cutter (Double Edge)
    미싱 나이프
    Straight Knife
    Cutter (Double Edge)