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Young Hwa Hi-Tech

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After painstaking research and development we started manufacturing  POWER  STEERING  HYDRAULIC  PUMPS  for large buses and industrial vehicles in Korean and overseas markets in 1993. We are continuing our research and development in the high-tech field of large capacity vane type hydraulic pumps.  the only such cutting - edge technology in Korea

Presently we supply not only the automobile industry but also supply industries for marine. fork-lift,  special purpose vehicle, industrial machining equipment, farming equipment and other areas with about 60 different models of hydraulic vane pumps.

We have also independently developed the capability to manufacture next-generation  large industrial INTRA PUMPS, until now domain of only the major advanced industrial nations. Presently we are in negotiations with US and other major industrial markets to supply these pumps and we are certain that this product will grow into many new use fields globally and many new models will be developed to fill the demands for such products. Our industrial hydraulic products will become a major player in the global arena with quality and innovative technology.

We have been designated as a participating company in the development of ultra fast and precision high pressure hydraulic pumps for  aero-space  and defense field by an agency of  Korean Ministry of Defense. Our research and development is working diligently to accomplish this task. There are other requests for new products from Japan and USA. 

Our company is  moving forward to be a world class future oriented cutting-edge technology company that can conceive, plan, develop and manufacture the products needed by our customers.


516, Sonjae-ro, Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju, Korea



Young Hwa Hi-Tech

Young Hwa Hi-Tech

CEO  Charlie ParkCorporate #  535-86-00664
Ace Dongbaek Tower 1-1101, 16-4, Dongbaekjungang-ro 16beon-gil, Giheung-gu, Yongin City, Gyeonggido, South Korea    (Post Code 17015)

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