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  • Youil Machine

    Youil Machine

    About Supplier

    As a manufacturer of specialized ‘ROLL FORMING MACHINE’ we will become a corporation giving customer touch through product supply of precise updated performance. 

    All the equipment facilities to supply and produce from ‘Yuil-Junggong’ are based on abundant experience to supply to global parts manufacturer of the internal and external and accumulated expertise for 25 years, and we promise product supply to jump up on customer's requirement. 

    Along with your company's development we would like to remember permanent partnership. 

    11, Seongseo-ro 71-gil, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea

    Product List


    Roll Forming Machine
    Saw Cutting Machine
    Rotary Bending Machine
    Spot Welding Jig
    Lancing & Cutting Machine
    Bending Dies