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  • Yooyang Engineering

    About Supplier

    Yooyang Engineering has developed and supplied various kinds of semiconductor manufacturing and testing equipments including test handler and taping machines. With our new technologies approved, we as a venture firm will continue to do our best to manufacture and provide equipments.

    Yooyang Engineering has developed automation equipment for testing production of semiconductor and electronic parts, which has been dependent on imports, and has supplied them to industrial sites.

    We promise that we will approach and meet the needs of our customers through the constant research and study with our accumulative technology.

    15, Hwasanbuk-ro, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Taping M/C

    Test Taping
    Marking Taping
    VCO, ASM, FEM Taping M/C
    VCO Taping M/C
    Chip SMD Taping M/C
    Bowl to Taping
    RFIC Test & Taping M/C
    RF SMD Taping M/C
    Chip Antenna Taping M/C
    SOP IC
    Saw Filter Taping M/C
    Bowl To Taping
    Security Taping M/C
    Potentio Meter Taping M/C
    Tube To Taping M/C
    Chip Opto Device Taping M/C
    Chip Taping M/C
    TSSOP Taping M/C
    Semi Auto Taping M/C
    Marking & Taping M/C
    MLF Test & Taping M/C

    Test Handler

    Dip Handler
    Semi-auto Handler
    Chip Handler
    SOIC Handler
    Tube to Tube Handler
    Chip Device Taping M/C
    In-Line Handler
    Bowl to Tubing
    Tray to Tray Mover
    Chip Antenna Handler
    Opto Device Handler
    Substrate Handler
    Chip Scale Package Handler
    2-Para Handler
    CSP Test & Taping M/C

    Loader / Unloader

    Laser Trimer Loader
    Laser Trimer Loader
    Furnace Unloader
    Furnace Loader
    Wire Bonder Handler
    Laser Marking M/C

    The Others

    Tray Packing M/C
    자동 조립, 시험, 포장 장비
    Reel Vision Tester
    Cap Marking M/C
    SIP Lead Inserter
    Chip LED Mounter
    Coating M/C
    R/M Assemble M/C
    Wire Bonder Handler
    Polishing M/C