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Welcome to Three-D desk

Evolution of desk technology After over 20 years of continuous research and testing by the experts and engineers of the field. Three-D desk was created to provide the solutions for the chronic health problems of the contemporary man as the time spent in front of the desk has get much longer.

Three-D desk as been acknowledged of its technology as it obtained the patents in various countries around the world including U.S., Canada, Japan, China, Korea, as well as European countries.

The Birth of a True Ergonomic Desk

Have you ever experienced any pain in your neck, shoulders, or your back after a long day in front of the computer?

The problem that causes such pains in your body may be the desk you may be sitting in front of, which makes you use it with a “bad posture”.


The problem that causes such pains in your body may be the desk you may be sitting in front of, which makes you use it with a “bad posture”. In this case, hospital treatments or medication are not the best solutions. In fact, the use of a good desk which would enable the user to do their computer works in a more desirable and healthy posture would prevent such problems at the source. Three-D desk is the one and only kind of ergonomic computer desk, with its smart moves according to the user’s eyes.

The ergonomic computer desk of sheer perfection.

Of all the existent computer desks, Three-D desk by far imposes the least burden on the user’s spine, as it is a desk that would allow the user to engage in work with the desirable and healthy posture with a straight upper body, either standing up or sitting down.

We are currently in search of investors, and partnership is greatly desirable.

All the products of [Three-D desk] brand may have the exterior of ordinary desks, but they are not just normal furniture. The brand contains the household appliances of a whole new category with their convenience and cost-effectiveness, which are bound to become a necessity for the modern people using computer.

With [Three-D desk], we are strongly willing to provide an ever more comfortable and healthy life to the people of modern times, who have to do most of their work using computers.


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Yoon Ergonomics

Yoon Ergonomics

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