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  • Yonjun Corporation

    Yonjun Corporation

    About Supplier

    Since we developed and manufactured DC motors successfully first in Korea, for more than 40 years Yonjun Corporation has accumulated considerable experience in developing and manufacturing DC motors and automatic control devices for industrial plants such as paper mill, extruder and various industrial machinery.

    From 1994 we also took the lead in developing and producing four different kinds of compact-sized DC motors and rotator of 655KW traction motor for electric locomotives and have supplied these products to our customers through quality certification. In 2000, the assembly of 655 KW traction motor we produce has acquired an official quality certification for railway vehicles. In the following year, we proudly won the contract for the supply of 655KW traction motors in the international competitive bid called for by Public Procurement Service (PPS). 

    In response to the dynamic business environment and to the diversified market demands, we are striving to meet any customer's requirements with the various solution of Sicme Motori SpA of Italy, one of the leading manufacturers in the world specialized in the production of DC motors and AC vector motors. 

    480, Seobusaet-gil, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea

    Product List

    DC Motor

    For Railroad / D.C Traction Motor for Electric Locomotive
    For Railroad / Traction Motor for Rail Car
    For Railroad / Traction Motor Cooling Blower Motor
    For Railroad / Traction Oil Cooling Blower Motor
    For Railroad / Braking Resistor Cooling Blower Motor
    For Railroad / Support Bearing (Metal Bearing Large) for ELTM (655Kkw)
    Pinion Gear for ELTM (655kw)
    D.C Traction Motor For Diesel Locomotive (357kw)
    For Industry


    D.C Motor
    A.C Vector Motor


    Drive Unit and PLC