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    About Supplier

    YHB ECO Co., Ltd. are a eco-friendly company that endeavors to become the best.

    Since the foundation, we have been growing on the basis of the endless support and expectation of our customers. We are doing our best to become a global company that realizes the dream and ideals of our customers and employees as their life partners, thus achieving transparent management and outstanding performance.

    As a manufacturer of precision lock nuts and environmental improvement equipment, which are key components in the production of machining tools, all employees will do our best under the slogan of “Customer satisfaction is our first priority” according to the principle of manufacturing and selling good quality products at affordable price.

    Today, YHB / YHB ECO, as world’s top 10 maker of mist cleaners, as well as Korea’s No.1 mist cleaner maker in terms of market share, are exporting their products to more than 30 countries, building an organic global network. YHB/ YHB ECO promise to provide best products and services to our customers for improving their working environment.

    14, Gasan digital 2-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea

    Product List

    Industrial Equipments

    Oil Mist Collector
    YC-3000, YC-500,YC-7500
    Oil Skimmer
    Welding Fume Equipment
    YFC-Series, YFC-999
    Coolant Gun
    6Cyclone Collector
    YCDC-Series, YCDC-01, YCDC-02, YCDC-03, YCDC-05, YCDC-06, YCDC-10
    Mist Cleaner (Movable)
    YPM-03, YPM-05, YPM-07
    Non Filter Mist Cleaner
    YMC-C Type, YMC-300F, YMC-300FA, YMC-350F, YMC-350FA, YMC-400F, YMC-400FA, YMC-420F, YMC-420FA
    Oil Mist Cleaner
    YOC/YOC-A Type, YOC-300, YOC-300A, YOC-350, YOC-350A, YOC-400, YOC-400A, YOC-420, YOC-420A
    Oil Mist Cleaner
    YOC-F Type, YOC-300F, YOC-305F, YOC-400F, YOC-420F, YOC-300FA, YOC-350FA, YOC-400FA, YOC-420FA
    Mist Cleaner (Vertical)
    Mist Cleaner
    YMC-F Type, YMC-300F, YMC-300FA, YMC-350F, YMC-350F, YMC-400F, YMC-400FA, YMC-420F, YMC-420FA
    Mist Cleaner
    YMC/YMC-A Type, YMC300, YMC350, YMC400, YMC420, YMC-250, YMC-250A, YMC-300A, YMC-350A, YMC-400A, YMC-420A
    Non Filter Oil Mist Cleaner
    YOC-C/CA Type, YOC-300F, YOC-300FA, YOC-350F, YOC-350FA, YOC-400F, YOC-400FA, YOC-420F, YOC-420FA, YOC-300C, YOC-300CA, YOC-350C, YOC-350CA, YOC-400C, YOC-400C, YOC-420C, YOC-420CA
    Electrical Precipitator
    Coolant Cleaner
    YCC-30, YCC-31

    Green Industrial Equipments

    Footwear Clean Mat
    PTB Air Conditioner
    Air Curtain

    Precision Part

    Long Arbor
    SWLA N T 40/50
    Bearing Support Unit
    Coolant Gun