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    About Supplier

    Wooyang Precision & Ind. Co.,Ltd. is committed to providing customer satisfaction and we offer a full line of conveyors which includes gravity and motorized conveyors.

    Since the company launched in 1998, we have always prided itself on a reputation of excellence that nothing is too much trouble to our customers. Our company have completed almost of our products are modulate and standardized for the world-wide compatible.

    We have built 22 service net works in Korea with our at head quartered staffs are creative, experienced professionals who provide the technical assistance needed and to meet our customer request. To better serve our customers, we ships stock products and the parts within 12 hours that all standardize our conveyor models are available for get within 24 hours.

    From the early days in Wooyang Precision & Ind. Co.,Ltd have set up a credit and a quality to today with true fulfilled all the customer enquiry deliveries immediately and finding the finest-stability of products these are providing customer satisfaction and soon it extended credit.

    We accept our customer's request to find out and bring it to our customer with the best solution. Customers satisfaction would highly pleased for us, every day.

    34, MTVbuk-ro 193beon-gil, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Conveyor System

    Driven Roller Conveyor
    NV-Series, NAC_Belt Driven
    Portable Belt Conveyor
    Top Chain Conveyor
    AL-Frame Belt Conveyor
    Table Belt Conveyor
    Portable Gravity Roller Conveyor
    S.T.C -Series
    Telescopic belt conveyor
    Gravity Roller Conveyor
    Curve Belt, Roller Unit
    Slat Conveyor
    Telescopic Roller Conveyor
    Inclined Belt Conveyor (Univeyor-type)
    Horizontal Belt Conveyor

    Sortation System

    Take-away & Sub-System
    Merge & Divert Unit


    Vertical Auto Lift
    Table Lift