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    About Supplier

    We also think about the health of all employees of industrial sites. To do this, our company, established on June 28,1996,manufacture and supply a wide range of dust collectors from small ones to larger ones to keep the health of employees working in the industrial sites.

    No doubt, the environment industry will be more important in the 21st century. Our company makes progress day by day. Our sales has been increased by 20~25% annually. Our products are being supplied to LG telecommunication, which means that our quality is proven.

    We will continue to do technical innovation, quality management, and new product development to satisfy the changing needs of our customers and thus to be always with them.

    495, Hyundaikia-ro, Namyang-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Dry Dust Collector

    Dust Filtration Equipment
    Bag House Series
    Bag Filter Dust Collector
    BF-500, BF-1000, BF-2000, BF-3000, BF-5000, BF-7500, BF-10000
    Cartridge Filter Module Type
    MP-12000, MP-18000
    Cartridge Filter Dust Collector
    NCT-2000, NCT-3000, NCT-5000, NCT-7500, NCT-10000, NCT-15000
    Grinder Booth Dust Collector
    DDT-1500, WGB-2000, WGB-3000, WGB-4000
    Jet Line Filter Dust Collector
    JLFS Series
    Explosion Proof Dust Collector
    DEC-2000, DEC-3000, DEC-5000, DEC-7500, DEC-10000, DEC-15000
    Slide-Filtered Small Dust Collector
    NP-2000, NP-3000, NP-5000, NP-7500, NP-10000
    Table Type of Dry Dust Collector
    DDT-1300, DDT-1800, DDT-2400
    Inside Bag Filter
    IBF-2000, IBF-3000, IBF-5000, IBF-7500, IBF-10000
    Vacuum Collector
    Grinder Dust Collector
    Negative Pressure Machine
    NPM-20, SC-112CR, SC-105CR
    Gold Dust Collector

    Wet Scrubber

    Whirlpool Wet Scrubber
    WS-500, WS-1000, WS-2000, WS-3000, WS-5000, WS-7500, WS-10000
    Double Whirlpool Wet Scrubber
    WS-500, WS-1000, WS-2000, WS-3000, WS-5000, WS-7500, WS-10000
    Venturi Whirlpool Scrubber
    VWS-2000, VWS-3000, VWS-5000, VWS-7500, VWS-10000
    Table Type Wet Scrubber
    TWS-1300, TWS-1800, TWS-2400
    Wet Spray Scrubber
    SWS-100, SWS-150, SWS-200, SWS-250, SWS-300, SWS-500

    Odor Eliminator

    Carbon Adsorption Tower
    CAT Series
    Portable Deodorize Eliminator
    PDE-2000, PDE-3000, PDE-5000

    Oil Mist Collector

    Portable Oil Mist Collector
    MK-2000, MK-3000
    Oil Mist Collector
    OILCOL-2000, OILCOL-3000, OILCOL-5000, OILCOL-7500, OILCOL-10000

    Hume Dust Collector

    Cigarette Fume(Odor) Eliminator
    CFE Series
    Welding Fume Collector
    NFC-2000, NFC-3000
    Solder Fume Eliminator
    NSC-100, NSC-125
    Auto Exhausts Collector
    AEC-1000, AEC-2000, AEC-3000
    Deodorize Fume Collector
    DFC Series, DFC-1000, DFC-2000
    Charcoal Fume collector
    ZS-2000, ZS-3000, ZS-5000, ZS-7500, ZS-10000

    Central Vacuum Cleaner / Electronic Precipitator

    Central Vacuum Cleaner
    CVC Series
    Electric Precipitator
    WEP Series

    Flexible Arm Hood / Turbo Blower

    Flexible Arm Hood
    WFA-7515, WFA-7520, WFA-1015, WFA-1020, WFA-1220, WFA-1230, WFA-1520, WFA-1530, WFA-2020, WFA-2030
    Turbo Blower
    TB-20, TB-30, TB-50, TB-75, TB-100, TB-150

    Other Purpose Machine

    Motor's control unit
    Soil repairing dust collecting
    Sweepers dust collecting
    Automatic nitrogen gas supply
    Pharmaceutical tableting machine dust collecting
    Vacuum Dust Collector for Lazer Cutting
    Water-jet textile cutting dust
    Water-jet textile cutting cyclone dust collecting
    Fine dust cleaner
    Generator dust collecting
    Wet Vacuum Motor Car
    WVM Series