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  • Wooriro


    About Supplier

    The NO.1 Optical electronics company of Korea

    Wooriro has had the key part in development of the domestic optical communication industry by succeeding in developing and producing the subminiature PLCW Splitter domestically for the first time, since it was established in 1998 with the establishment of 「Wooriro Optical communication institute」 in 1999.

    Especially, passive components such as PLC Splitter, AWG (Arrayed Waveguide Grating) and so on which are our main products and used for building Fiber To The Home (FTTH) have been recognized as the best technique internationally by participating in building Optical Communication network not only for 3 telecommunications business operators domestically but also for the global market including China, Japan, Europe, and so on internationally.

    Recently, our company has supplied not only passive components but also high quality of active components to overseas market by succeeding in developing and producing Photo Diode technique in active device field. However, Wooriro hasn`t settled for the statues quo.

    Instead, our company has becoming the total solution company of Optical communication by entering into the new business area with the new products such as optical sensors for Robot, Bio optical sensors based on our consistent research and development.

    Respective customers and stockholders! Wooriro will lead the optical communication area by investing and renovating profusely for the future now and forever, although the world situation and condition have been changed rapidly.

    Wooriro will become the great company to provide the best satisfaction and value to stockholders, executives and staff members, customers and societies through qualitative growth based on ‘Respect for human`s life and dignity’ and ‘Open-management’.

    We`re really appreciated that you give your warm interest and support to us now and forever, Moreover, please keep your eyes on our company`s growth into the best optical communication brand in the world.

    102-22, Pyeongdongsandan 6beon-ro, Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju, Korea

    Product List

    Passive Optical Communication

    CWDM / LAN-WDM Chip
    PLC Splitter Chip
    PLC Splitter Wafer
    PLC Splitter Module

    Active Optical Communication

    10Gb/s APD TIA TO & ROSA
    10Gb/s APD TO with Burst-mode TIA
    25Gb/s PIN Limiting/Linear ROSA
    28Gb/s APD ROSA
    QSFP28/CFP4 100G ROSA
    Large Area InGaAs PIN PD Chip
    10Gb/s PIN Photodiode Chip
    10Gb/s Avalanche Photodiode Chip
    25Gb/s PIN Photodiode Chip
    10Gb/s PIN Linear TIA ROSA


    LFMCW Radar
    Doppler Radar


    SPAD with Internal TEC
    SPAD without TEC