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  • Woolim engineering

    Woolim engineering

    About Supplier

    WOOLIM ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. a technology-oriented company, was established in 2003. Crane,specially-equipped vehicles, construction machinery and equipment, structural parts, processed products and semi-finished products.

    We are specialized in the production of small crane and special purpose car products based on our accumulated technological know-how. We will continue to concentrate all its capabilities for product development, customer satisfaction, and service improvement without ceasing to pursue customer satisfaction, pursuit of newness and continuous innovation with constant challenge and passion.

    We are doing our best to be reborn as WOOLIM Engineering CO.,LTD. in the world.

    120, Oksansandan 3-ro, Oksan-myeon, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea

    Product List


    Small Cargo Cranes
    WLSCL 0103, WLSC 0104
    Construction & Fixed Cranes
    WLC0903, WLC0904, WLC0905, WLC1556, WLC1656, WLC1886
    Truck crane

    Self Loader

    Self Loader
    Crane Self Loader
    Special purpose Self Loader

    Drinking Water Truck Water Tank Truck Vacuum Tank Truck

    Drinking water truck
    Drinking water truck
    Vacuum tank truck

    Aircraft Refuelers Fuel truck

    Aircraft Refuelers
    Fuel truck

    Combined Sewer Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner Runway Sweeper

    Special purpose Armroll truck, Runway Sweeper, Combined Sewer Cleaner, Vacuum

    Fire trucks

    Fire trucks

    Van truck

    Special purpose Van Trucks
    소방용 구조장비 운반차, 해수지원차, 이동목욕차, 해양오염방제지원차, 소형크레인 탑재 이동 정비차, 육루 이동판매차, 구조장비운반차, 공기압축기 탑재 이동정비차
    Specially equipped vehicles of the Woolim engineering


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