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    About Supplier

    395, Mieumsandan-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Korea

    Product List

    Bronze Part

    Gate Valve
    Hose Globe / Angle Valve
    Emergency Shut-off Valve
    Swing Check Valve
    Foot Valve
    Globe Valve
    Lift Check Globe / Angle Valve
    Angle Valve
    3-Way Ball Valve
    Self Closing Valve

    Cast Iron Part

    Globe Valve
    Swing Check Valve
    Sight Glass (Flat Type)
    Gate Valve (Non-Rising Stem)
    Lift Check Globe / Angle Valve

    Cast Steel Part

    Globe Valve (20K / 30K / 40K)
    Globe Valve (5K / 10K / 16K)
    Storm Valve
    Gate Valve (Non-rising Stem)
    Hull Globe / Angle Valve

    Stainless Steel Part

    Ball Valve
    Hose Ball Valve
    Angle Valve
    Globe & Angle Valve
    Globe Valve
    Blind Flange Valve

    Strainer Part

    Mud Box (L-Type, H-Type)
    Steel Plate Simplex Oil Strainer
    Small Size Duplex Oil Strainer (PC)
    Simplex Water Strainer (S, LA, LB)
    Simplex Oil Strainer (S, LA, LB)
    Duplex Oil Strainer (H) Yoke Type
    Duplex Oil Strainer (H) Bolt Type

    Special Valves Part

    Safety Relief Valve
    Duo-Check Valve
    Air Vent
    Pressure Reducing Valve - Cylinder Type
    Pressure Reducing Valve - Pilot Type
    Steam Trap
    Forged Steel Air Globe / Angle / Check Valves
    Y-Strainer (30K)
    Pressure Reducing Valve - Diaphragm Type
    Air Trap