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    About Supplier

    VINNA MACRO is a creative, audacious, forward-looking environmental enterprise that possesses excellent technologies and experience in the business of new renewable energy, environmentally friendly products, environmental facilities and livestock manure recycling. We have been boldly adopting advanced technologies in technical cooperation with Marts Group Corp., Hokushin Industrial Machines, Murakami Ironworks, Gendensha and Kumasei (Japan) to lead a technology-driven industry.

    We promise that we will do our best to work for the satisfaction of our customers, and offer consistent services from start to finish in after-sales service, the secondary stage of sales.

    78, Jangdeokbuk-gil 146beon-gil, Namyang-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    New Renewable Energy

    VPS Series
    Pellet Molding Machine
    HSK-P450, VMP-500/1000
    Wood Pellet Boiler (VPB)
    Wood Pellet Plant
    Converting Sludge to Energy
    Livestock Manure Pellet Plant

    Environmental Facilities

    Dehydrator (Water Treatment) - Screw Press Dehydrator
    VSP Type
    Dehydrator (Water Treatment) - Slit Saver
    VSA Type
    탈수기 (수처리) - 슬릿스크류프레스
    VPS Type
    Dehydrator (Water Treatment) - Belt Press
    VSF Type
    Aeration Facility - Highly Efficient Blender
    Solid and Liquid Separator (Livestock manure) - Safite
    VSF Type
    Food Waste Processor - Silt Saver
    VSA Type
    Adulteration Processor - Silt Saver
    VSA Type
    Dehydrator (water treatment) - Sun Saver
    VSA Type

    Waste Water Treatment, Bio

    Livestock Manure Purification (Recycling)
    Sale of Environmentally Friendly Fertilizer