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  • VFK


    About Supplier

    VFK are a Manufacturer of Thermoforming Machines and their subsidiary machineries like Sheet Extruders, Recycle Extruders and Thermoforming Molds in Korea.

    Our Machines are working in 40 Countries in the world since 1993.

    583, Yangcheon-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Korea

    Product List

    ThermoForming Machines

    Vacuum Forming Machine for PS Foam Items
    ThermoForming MC for PS Foam and Solid Sheet
    High Speed Air-Pressure ThermoForming MC for CUP and General Items
    In-mould Cutting Thermoforming MC for Cups
    Auto Form/Trim Vacuum Forming MC for Industrial Tray Manufacturing
    FT Series
    Form / Hole / Trim-Count-Stack for PET, PP Fruit Punnet
    Trim Press with Counter/Stacker, Hydraulic Driven System
    ThermoForming Molds


    PS Foam Sheet (EPS Sheet) Extruder
    HIPS, PP Sheet Extruder
    PS Foam (EPS) Recycle Extruder