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  • VC Tech

    VC Tech

    About Supplier

    VCTech Co., Ltd. is an R&D-focused company specialized in the running inverter for Electric vehicles that has the most advanced technology for electric vehicle controllers.

    Based on the AC motor controlling technology for rolling stacks, VCTech manufacture the running inverter controllers for electric vehicles as well as for golf cars including the nation’s first 5-seater Automated guided vehicle system (AGV).

    VCTech has been participating in the national projects on developing the running inverter conrollers for electric vehicles such as electric scooters, NEC(Neibourhood Electric Vehicle), UTV(Utility Vehicle), electric tractors and bus.

    All VCTech executives and employees will make the best efforts to research and develop various products with world-class quality and price competitiveness.

    107, LS-ro 45beon-gil, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Parts for Rolling Stock

    Traction Inverter Controller for Subway Trains
    Traction Inverter for Maglev Trains
    Auxiliary Power Unit (SIV)
    Battery Charger
    Regenerative Energy Storage System
    Parts for High-speed Trains
    Others for Rolling Stock

    Parts for Golf Cars

    AC Driver for Golf Cars
    AC Motor for Golf Cars
    AGV Main Controller
    AGV Sensors & Other

    Parts for Electric Cars

    Inverter for Electric 2-Wheeled Vehicles
    AC Driver & AC Motor for NEVs
    AC Driver for Electric UTV Controlling & Driving
    AC Driver for Electric Buses