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The ways how to solve noise and vibration problems concomitant with fast development of industrial economy, and daily-occurring noise and vibration problems hurting pleasant living environment and working environmental desire have become core means that guarantees pleasant and happy life quality.

Furthermore, in view of the fact that Korea is also continuously increased in earthquake occurrence frequency, resulting in ever-increasing possibility of being damaged thereby and measures to cope therewith being more than anything else, application of earthquake-resistant building design to non-structures (cooling/heating facilities, electric/communication facilities, fire-extinguishing facilities, etc) except for building structures is still insufficient, and therefore, it is feared that lots of damage of human life and properties are involved when great earthquakes occur in the future.

With this historical demand and mission in mind, we, at Unovics Co., Ltd., has been domestically spearheading the roles of solving noise and vibration problems and earthquake-related safety matters, and are striving our level best to that end with continuous creativity, zeal and integrity.

Our currently-manufactured and propagated products and technologies include various products including those according to requirements of the KS (Korean Standard) and US's ASHRAE, fine vibration-proof products for semiconductor factories, heavy-duty press vibration-proof products, vibration-proof products according to requirements of IBC/KBC 2009 and international standards, and high shock-proof, vibration-proof products for military purposes as well.

In addition, we take no chance in enhancing one step-ahead high technology and perfect quality control through ISO9001/14001, KS certificates and various patent registrations, and are doing our best to provide a total solution to our customers through vibration-proof, noise-proof products, designs, tests/inspections, installations and after-sales services, cause analyses and consultations.

On this occasions, we promise to be a competitive company both in Korean and global markets by strenuous efforts and researches based on accumulated technologies, expertises and experiences.


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