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    About Supplier

    Unitech has tried its best for its partner`s growth and the development of chemical machinery with its variety producing experiences and unique and differentiable know-how.

    Unitech is a trustable corporation which has various standard chemical machinery. It can also provide you with well-repaired chemical machinery on low prices any time.

    Especially, we are very proud of being a leading compnay of chemical machinery in Korea and we are trying to invent more advanced technology. With all our effort and bottom of our heart, we will provide you the best consumer service ever.

    We hope for your consideration our company continuously and we wish you tremendous success in everything you do now.

    81-11, Wonsindang-ro, Sinpyeong-myeon, Dangjin-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea

    Product List


    U-DS-Series, U-DS-3, U-DS-5, D-DS-7.5, D-DS-10, D-DS-15, D-DS-20, D-DS-25, D-DS-30, D-DS-40, D-DS-50, D-DS-75, D-DS-100
    Butterfly Mixer
    U-B-Series, U-B-7.5, U-B-10, U-B-15, U-B-20, U-B-30, U-B-40
    Twin Shaft Mixer
    U-TW-Series, U-TW-200, U-TW-400, U-TW-600, U-TW-800, U-TW-1000, U-TW-1200, U-TW-1500
    Planetary Mixer
    Packing Press
    Bead Mill
    U-Mill (Basket Type)
    Three Roll Mill
    U-T-Series, U-T-16, U-T-14, U-T-12
    U-K-Series, U-K-50, U-K-100, U-K-200, U-K-300, U-K-500, U-K-600, U-K-750, U-K-1000, U-K-1500, U-K-2000
    Equipment & Plant