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  • Unipack System

    Unipack System

    About Supplier

    During my working experience, there was lots of inconveninet problems to apply with precisely made power packs to the system as local supply had not properly supported technically with parts in need, therefore I decided to develop my won system to standardize parts and make high standard quality products. With this unique system, we can supply any kind of power packs with design to suit for customer`s request at more competitive cost and with more fast delivery time.

    During the period, our company managed to achieve ISO 9001 to prove our quality products in 2003 and from the year of 2004, we have started exporting our products to Japanese market where the quality is a top priority to be concerned, and we were also awarded a Certificate of Endorsement by Incheon Metropolitan City for highest standard of service and quality excellence in 2005.

    21, Bodeum 2-ro, Seo-gu, Incheon, Korea

    Product List

    Power Pack

    Electric Motor
    Central Manifold
    Cartridge Valve
    Mouniring & Bracket
    Modular Elements
    Double Acting Valve
    Other Component
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