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  • UL-Tech

    About Supplier

    Because the variation of technology is vast and the technology is advancing so rapidly that most of the technicians are living without taking any rest under the certain age which they can hardly recognize the swift change of things. Under such an indefinite competitive times, we are challenging in order to show something specific.

    We started, what is called,"UL-Tech"(Ultrasonic Technology). That was spun off as Samsung SDI Venture business in 1999. We are trying to advance the cleaning technology accumulated through the support in the working place. The supreme aim of our company is also to found a firm basis in the field of ultrasonic cleaning in our nation. Therefore, we are now making strenuous and unremitting efforts in order to accomplish our goal.

    So far we have already succeeded in manufacturing the digital monitoring board as well as ultrasonic generator,in spite of the very short period after our establishing an company. Above all, the superiority of these products has been acknowledged in comparison with those produced in the past.We have also succeeded in manufacturing the ultrasonic genenator which can keep as twice long as the life of erosion prevention and this equipment is being piloted.In the past ultrasonic generator with high frequency have been imported from foreign country only, but now these product could be manufactured at UL-Tech.

    For all the manufactures we have already produced, the patents have been registered or applyed for a patent. Moreover, our company has already obtained almost 10 patents for the products we have made.Therefore, we are now trying to make every possible effort to improving of our products. Above all we pledged

    "Devloping goods by making use of ultrasonic technology for better human life"

    In conclusion, we have chosen such slogan as we can make things better and more excellent.

    22, Ojeongongeop-gil, Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List


    Ultrasonic Generator
    Megasonic Cleaner
    Fixing Transducers on Plate
    Shower type for Megasonic
    Spot type for Megasonic
    Spot type for Megasonic
    Pressure Meter