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    Sense of Purpose
    Technology for the Future Technology looks to the future with ambition. Always moving forward with dynamism.

    In a transportation system, that would translate into carrying people faster and more comfortably, while offering greater convenience as well.

    But technology can’t offer improvements if it doesn’t promote safety.

    Technology has advanced to remarkable levels, but insufficient safety can lead directly to serious accidents.

    Accidents like an airplane disaster, a factory explosion, a gas or oil leak…

    Just one incorrectly tightened bolt can cause immeasurable damage. And that type of damage occurs all too frequently.

    Tohnichi Manufacturing’s mission is to prevent accidents by supporting safety as part of a dependable system.

    Our specialty is torque devices. They help ensure bolts and screws are tightened properly, raising product quality and improving safety levels.

    Technology should lead to safety as well as convenience and comfort. Our sense of purpose envisages offering technologies that promote safety for people everywhere, as we expand globally.

    2-2-12 Omori-kita, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 143-0016 Japan

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