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  • TMG Korea

    TMG Korea

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    TMG, We`ve been manufacturing with industrial gear operators, BEVEL, WORM, SPUR and specialty products for use with automated valves & whatever user want, TMG KOREA has built a reputation for superior quality workmanship and attention to detail that results in valve actuators, handwheels and specialty products that consistently outperform and outlast the competition.

    TMG has become the name for excellence in the field of valve, sluice gate and damper actuation products for the oil, gas, power, water and waste treatment industries – worldwide.

    Also typical machine activities for manufacturing gear operators, such as hobbing of worm-gear teeth, boring and keying of worm segments, broaching operations, drilling, tapping and others are all performed to tight tolerances and are done in our own factory to a planned time schedule in order to meet prescribed customers delivery dates. Assembled units are randomly selected and tested to insure meeting customers.

    Our exhaustive processing management & system ensure that we are able to respond quickly and efficiently ay local and international level – from initial enquiry through to supply & upgrades.

    99, Hwajeonsandan 2-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Korea

    Product List


    Worm Gear
    Bevel Gear
    Declutchable Gear
    Dual Worm Gear