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    About Supplier

    Forming an exemplary company that fulfills corporate social responsibility.

    Tes was founded to fulfill the Korean semiconductor industry's long-awaited dream of localizing
    the semiconductor manufacturing system. In order to attain a status befitting of a leading semiconductor industrial
    country, despite the difficult market environment, we have continually invested in the development of self-sustaining
    technology, while always doing our best to provide optimal equipment that meets the needs of our customer's.
    In addition, we are putting forward our best efforts to localize solar batteries, displays, and compound
    semiconductor's manufacturing systems, building on the know-how and the experience we’ve obtained
    from developing semiconductor equipment technology. Acknowledging that out-of-the-box thinking
    and creation of new ideas was essential to preserve the sustainable growth of the company
    in a rapidly-developing industrial environment amid growing competition,
    we came to pursue a Smart Enterprise that maximizes efficiency.
    In addition, we are constantly making social contributions for the welfare of all humanity.For Tes to meet the constant challenge of leading creative change, even today, every single employee is committed to
    always researching and practicing to become a champion who doesn't fear failure and makes these habits a key
    to success through their indomitable spirit of experimentation.It is thanks to our customers' and stakeholders' support and attention to clients needs that Tes has
    been able to devote itself to the sole direction of developing equipment manufacturing systems.
    As a means to return that support, we will strive to be a leading company on the global
    stage through possessing self-sustainability always ensuring the happiness
    of our customers, employees, and stockholders
    remains our top priority, and forming an exemplary company
    that fulfills corporate social responsibility. 

    2374-36, Jungbu-daero, Yangji-myeon, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List


    Dry Cleaning
    CUMAX Series
    Single LPCVD

    Solar Cell

    Mass Product Solarcell

    Display & Oled

    Pathfinder Series

    Opto Electronics