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  • Tel Ace

    About Supplier

    · TelAce ins a professional group of designing algorithm and chips in the field of broadcasting and communications.

    Since its establishment on August, 2003, the company has developed and commercialized satellite DMB measuring equipment, satellite DMB receiving ASIC and UWB modems, and especially, it enhanced the receiving function of satellite DMB receiving ASIC by implementing the interference cancellation method for the first time in the world, and based on this, it was recognized its technical skills by providing the product to all mobile phone companies in the country.

    · The company aims for the world-best satellite navigation and radio-determination solution.

    Currently, the company possesses the world-class level of GPS chips, IP and RTLS solution based on unique algorithm by promoting satellite navigation and radio-determination as a core field.

    We will always apply new technologies to our products resolutely, and through such creative technologies, we`ll seek the competitiveness of products.

    · The company will become a reliable company through challenges and creation.

    TelAce promises that it will become a creative company which gains trust of all executives and staff members, and clients by making clear and transparent management and decision-making with such challenging creative spirit.

    115, Gasan digital 2-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea

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