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  • Taeyoung S.E.M

    About Supplier

    The pursuit of customer satisfaction

    Tae Young S.E.M. has created Vision about being the world best company in Special Service Tools, Gauge, Tester, Manufacturing Equipment for repairing vehicles.

    Presently, we have kept in touch with not only domestic companies (Hyundai, Kia, GM Daewoo, Ssangyong, Samsung Motors) but also international companies(SPX, Snap-on in U.S.A and Kowaseiki in Japan).

    In addition, For Quality International Standardazation, we have certificates of 'ISO 9001'. Besides, we have planed to get a cetificate of 'ISO/TS 16949' for Quality System Certification in 2007.

    We are going to create customer service for under the management policy as 'Customer Satisfaction'

    51, Mayu-ro 42beon-gil, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    EM (Engine)

    Engine Support Fixture & Adapter
    Engine Hanger
    Balance Shaft Bearing Puller & Installer
    Camshaft Oil Seal I. & Balance

    CH (Clutch System)

    Clutch Alignment Arbor
    Clutch Disc Guide
    Lock Remover
    Lock Pin Remover

    TR (Transaxle / Transmission)

    Engine Support Fixture Adapter
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    DS (Drive Shaft And Axle)

    Drive Pinion Model
    Snap Ring Installer
    Mount Bushing R & I Arbor
    LSD Test Adapter

    SS (Suspension System)

    Ball Joint R & I, B
    Coil Spring Compressor
    Remover & Installerlower
    Trailer Arm Bushing R & I

    ST (Steering System)

    Steering Gear Box Bushing R & I
    Preload Socket
    Pinion Bearing R & I
    Steering Wheel Puller

    RT (Restraints)

    Dummy Adapter
    Dummy Adapter (DAB, BPT, CAB)
    Deployment Adapter
    Air Bag Deployment Tool

    BR (Brake System)

    Adjust Gauge
    Adjust Gauge
    Disc Brake Piston Wrench
    Piston Cup Installer

    BD (Body)

    Door Hinge Adjusting Wrench
    Ornament Remover
    Torsion Bar Wrench
    Sealant Gun

    HA (Heating, Ventilation & Conditioning)

    Drive Plate Holder
    Drive Plate
    Clutch Front Plate Puller (For Mando)
    Center Pulley Puller

    UN (Universal)

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    FT (Field Fix Tools)

    Wiring Tester
    Wiring Tester
    Air Bag Tester
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    A/T Tester Pro Standard For USA
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    BOB Pro

    Repairing Equipments

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