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    Tae-il Blower Mfg Co., Ltd. Fan and Blower is the leading Supplier of industrial applications, and at our company located in An-San, South Korea, We are manufacturing many kind of fans & blowers. [Turbo fan, Sirocco fan, Airfoil fan, Axial Flow fan, Multi stage Blower, Roof ventilation Fan, Mid fan, Aux. Blower, Relation of atomic energy, Hovercraft. Etc.]

    Established in June 1976, TAE-IL Blower has been a specially manufacturer of fans & blowers. TAE-IL Blower has developed design and manufacturing technology for high-performance, high-quality fans & blowers.

    TAE-IL Blower has been successfully performed with top class research institutes in Korea. It has world-class confidence to our products. We hope having raised your interest, and should be pleased to give you all our attention in solving your problem whatever Sincerely. Yours Tae-il Blower Mfg Co., Ltd.

    50, Jeongmal-gil, Docheon-myeon, Changnyeong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do

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    Centrifugal Type
    Main Engine Aux Blower
    Duct In Line
    Axial Type
    Power Roof