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  • Taeheung Industrial Electronics

    About Supplier

    15, Seongseogongdan-ro 22an-gil, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea

    Product List


    Clutch Assembly Tester
    Pump-up Tester
    V-7 Pump-up Tester


    Distributor Test Bench
    Optical / Hall Type Dist. Perf. Tester 1
    Optical / Hall Type Dist. Perf. Tester 2

    Ignition Coil

    DIS Performance Tester
    DIS Over Voltage Stress Tester
    Pen Type DIS 내구 Tester
    DIS (ICE4-GEN2) Sub Tester
    DIS (ICE4-GEN2) Performance Tester
    Ignition System Performance Tester
    TCP IGN. Coil Perf. Tester
    TCP IGN. Coil Electronic Tester

    Knock Sensor

    Knock Sensor 내전압 Tester
    Knock Sensor LCR Meter


    Piston Performance Tester
    Piston Leak Tester


    Saturn Bridge Diode Perf. Tester
    CS-105D Bridge Diode Perf. Tester
    CS-121 Bridge Diode Perf. Tester
    CS-121D Bridge Diode Perf. Tester
    CS-128D RECT. 성능 Tester
    Rectifier Diode
    TG Rectifier Tester
    D-ENG Rectifier Tester


    Regulator Perf. Tester

    Speed / Tacho PCB

    Speed / Tacho PCB Function Tester 1
    Speed / Tacho PCB Function Tester 2
    Speed / Tacho Meter PCB Final Tester

    Wire Harness

    Universal Harness Tester
    Air Bag Wire Harness Tester
    Universal Harness Tester (New)


    LED Tester
    Air-con Controller Perf. Tester
    Trio Diode Performance Tester
    Optical Sensor Final Tester
    TR Laser Marking Machine