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Product Name Atmospheric Plasma & Corona Treatment System
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Product Description


The surface treatment is a pre-process used to modify the surfaces of plastic, metal, glass and paper in order to improve the wet ability to bond with materials such as printing inks, adhesives and foams.
Surface treatment only occurs on the surface, therefore does not affect the characteristics of primary materials such as intensity or appearance 



*High frequency Generator     

 - High performance frequency (15-40 Khz) supplied by IGBT modules 
 - Power units available from 1-20 KVA 
 - Easy to control  
 - Available to connect external remote control 
 - Automatic power regulation to load conditions  
 - Compact size of cabinet or rack type 
*Treatment Station  

- Available in sizes over 10 Meters 
 - Aluminum Roll or Silicone cover Roll 
 - Single or dual-sided treatment for a wide range of web 
 - Send back cylinder with proximity sensor 
 - Electrodes manufactured from specially designed ceramic 
 - Nitrogen Purge function (Option) 


- Plastic field : Extrusion Sheet or Film, Coating and Printing process etc. 
- Electronic field  : Wafer, LCD, PDP, PCB etc. 
- Other field : Injection moulding, Variety of tube, pipe and glass, Steel and nonferrous board etc system 

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