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SYSTEM KOREA UV Curling Machine


The UV curing process uses UV energy and light from the visible light spectrum in wavelengths from 100 to 400nm.
UV energy ?�cures??inks and varnishes in a fraction of a second.
A UV system consists essentially of the following components: UV lamps, reflectors, lamp housings, a cooling system and an electronic operating and control system.
We offer UV systems that are based on environment friendly. 


Micro Beam Heating& Drying System

SYSTEM KOREA UV Curling Machine  1

- Lighter in weight, smaller in size 
- High efficiency and Saving the cost 
- Broad range of changeable output power (10~100%) 
- Multi-Loop control
  : Our electronic ballast use the feedback to control from monitoring that input illumination and power level are stable.
    Such controlling method provides stability and system-to-system reproducibility, thereby enhancing reliability and quality for UV lamp-applied products and machines. 
SYSTEM KOREA UV Curling Machine  2


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