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  • SunKyung Machinery

    SunKyung Machinery

    About Supplier

    SunKyung Machinery was founded 1990 as a supplier of handling equipment to extruders and soon become a solution for the aluminum extrusion industries mentioned below catagories.

    * Press (mordernization and building new machine ) 
    * Handling Equipment 
    * Log heater & shear 
    * Aging oven 
    * Auto stacker 

    The company recelty extended it's business to the overseas focusing on building aluminum extrusion plant by applying our experties. 
    To date we have supplied our machines and equipments to the around world with good reputation. 
    Most recently, we have contracted to build 4 lines of aluminum extrusion as turn-key basis in U.A.E and this is just a signal that our customers are fully expecting their benefits from us. 

    And also we have finished lots of project in Japan, Vietnam, Russia and Saudi Arabia etc. 

    We are sure that our intergrated technology and engineering provides state-of-the-art and dependable equipments to our customers. 
    We are looking forward to joining your new project as a most reliable partner !! 

    21, Namdongdong-ro 124beon-gil, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Korea

    Product List


    SKM135, SKM165, SKM180, SKM200, SKM235, SKM250, SKM275, SKM300, SKM360, SKM400, SKM440

    Handling Equipment

    Water Quenching System
    Initial Table & Platen Saw
    Conveyor System
    Cutting Saw
    Saw Gauge Table
    Billet Saw & Rolling Machine

    Log Heater & Log Shear

    Log Heater & Log Shear


    Billet Heater
    Annealing Furnace
    Aging Oven
    Quenching Furnace
    Al-Bar Shot Last M/C
    Nitrogenzing Furnace
    Homogenizing Furnace
    Melting Furnace
    Dies Heater

    Die Shop

    Die Shop