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    About Supplier

    SKEM is a specialized manufacturer of hydraulic presses in Korea.

    SKEM specializes in manufacturer of ultra-large, ultra-high pressure, super-precision hydraulic presses as well as hydraulic systems. The Company is committed to creating products that meet the needs of customers.

    The Company's hydraulic presses are widely used in many manufacturing industries including building materials, chemical&petrochemical, power generation, aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile and rubber & plastics. In each field, the Company's presses are used to produce various parts and the best quality products.

    In particular, the presses are used for production of pipe fittings and for steel plate bending metal working, deep drawing, hot & cold forming and forging.

    With over 35 years of long experience, the Company has focused on hydraulic presses only, and such hands-on experiences of the Company ensure the best services for its customers. Through continuous technological development and innovation, the Company shall strive to contribute to competitiveness and value creation for its customers.

    47, Yongdeok-ro 302beon-gil, Hallim-myeon, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea

    Product List


    Pipe fitting & Metal Forming Press - Hydro Forming Press
    Pipe fitting & Metal Forming Press - Metal Forming Press
    Shipbuilding & Pipe Forming Machine
    Deep Drawing Press
    Open Die Forging Press
    Automotive Parts Press
    Ultra-high Pressure Press
    Hot Molding & Foaming Press